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Dr.  Jürgen Piechaczek

Coffee consulting in all processing steps from tree to cup, owner of a coffee roasting shop, several years of experience in international agricultural projects with direct work on projects with farmers in the tropics. More than 25 years of experience in the food value chain.

Coffee Arabica Q Grader

Skills: Structured approach to complex projects with the ability to identify and consider important details at an early stage.

Work experience


2017 - until now

Consulting, coaching and support along the entire coffee value chain. Coaching of producers or their organisations, arranging trips to origin, improvement of production quality, procurement of high-quality coffee, improvement of coffee supply, improvement of processing quality (roasting), improvement of coffee preparation (coffee drinks), coffee seminars, scientific support for conferences.

Co-owner 24grad Coffee roasters

2009 - 2016

Owner and manager of the 24Grad coffee roasters in Hanover/Germany
Priorities: Personnel management, training and further education of employees and customers, roasting and distribution of directly related and relationship coffee with high quality, purchase of green coffee, quality control of green coffee, roasted coffee and coffee beverages, trips to origin, Juror in Cup of Excellence competitions.

Product development and quality control

2000 - 2003

R&D Flavors and Flavor Extracts Department at Wild Flavors Berlin
Tasks:  Development of new aroma extracts, optimization of recipes and improvement of existing production processes. One-year management of the department with the tasks of personnel management, representation of the department within and outside the company, development of new projects, monitoring of production quality.


PhD in Agricultural Sciences


Dissertation in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bonn
Topic of the dissertation: Implications of Quality-Based Agri- Food Supply Chains on
Agri-Social Systems: The Case of Smallholder Coffee Growers in South Colombia

Master in Economics of Agriculture


Topic of the master thesis in cooperation with GIZ Egypt: Policy Distortions in
the World Cotton Sector: Economic Implications for the Egyptian Extra Fine Cotton

Diploma in Oecotrophology


Diploma thesis: Functional Foods in Japan and Europe - Transfer of the Japanese concept "FOSHU" to Europe

Special abilities

Q Grader for Arabica coffee, German Cup Tasting Champion 2013, Juror in seven Cup of Excellence competitions, analytical skills, holistic view of the value chain of food/agricultural products, education and training of staff and customers, enthusiasm for food and luxury foods

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